CrowdNex is a free platform for people to arrange time then play online games together.

There are two roles of participants, we call them Gamers and Guests.


To be a Gamer

Good gaming skills

If you have good gaming skill at any games, you can partner with someone for better gaming experience. Click here.

Charismatic gamer!

You don’t really need to be professional at gaming, if you are charismatic enough and have your followers. Someone wants you!

Set a price for money rewards $_$

You can earn money as a streamer on Twitch, you can also make money from playing with someone. We are here providing a free booking platform for you and the guests.


*To charge a booking, some important settings for gamers are here.




Registered as Guest

Better gaming experience

As a Guest, you can play game with a preferable Gamer. Click here.

No more terrible random players on games.

Better ranking

Although we don’t encourage guests to pay a good gamer for ranking , it is like a way to hire a gaming coach.


By playing with and reviewing, you’re helping your favorite gamers get rewards, recognition, and yes, even love.


CrowdNex doesn’t charge anything from any transactions between Gamers and Customers but transaction fee might be applicable since CrowdNex adopts Paypal a payment method to secure the money paid.